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Working as a temporary/contractor brings new challenges on a weekly basis and offers variety and flexibility to your working life. There is never any guarantee that you’ll be in work all of the time, though of course we will be trying our best to ensure that you are! It is important that you keep in contact with your Consultant so they know what your movements are and where to contact you.


If you are ill or unable to go into an assignment, please notify your Consultant at the earliest possible time – please contact our after hour service on 09 4200 41903. Similarly, if you are lost or running late, take a moment to call your Consultant.

As punctuality and reliability are essential parts of our service standards, please ensure that you start work at the correct time for each assignment.


As dress standards vary, please take the advice of your Consultant as to the appropriate attire for each assignment.


You will be briefed on each position, however please ask questions if you are in doubt of any aspect of the assignment. Please ensure you write down all details of the assignment for your reference.
Upon entering different work environments you may be exposed to confidential information. Please adhere to the terms of your “Confidentiality Statement” in this regard.
We expects all candidates to respect the rights of others and to treat them fairly. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable and could result in the conclusion of an assignment. Similarly, should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to contact your Consultant.
When accessing clients’ computer network, which includes E-mail, the Internet and various software programs, please remember they must be used for business purposes only and that confidentiality of passwords and information is paramount.
Ask the client when it is convenient to take a lunch break and for how long.
Except in the case of emergency, please make personal phone calls during breaks. Leave mobile phones off and diverted to your voicemail during working hours.
If you encounter any difficulties or have a complaint, please address it with your Consultant immediately rather than approaching the client.
Strive for success. Permanent opportunities and regular temporary/contract work often develop from temporary/contract assignments.
During and at the conclusion of each assignment, we ask our clients for feedback on our service and your performance.


Please keep a photocopy of your timesheet. If you do not have a timesheet, please telephone us and we will inform our clients.
When on assignment, we require your timesheet no later than 2:00 PM 25th of every month. It is advisable to keep the fax confirmation slip as a record of transmission.
Timesheets must be completed and signed by yourself and the client prior to your pay being released. Overtime must be approved by the client prior to it being worked.


Phoo Yan Recruitment is committed to ensuring, wherever possible, a safe working environment whilst you are on assignment for us.
We hope you enjoy the challenges provided with temporary assignments. Please call us at any time if there are any concerns.